Skate Park Programs

The City runs a number of skate programs including Skate Jam, Roll on Skate Park Series, and King of the Hill Skate Park Series.

Skate Jam

Learn new tricks, improve your skills, chat with youth workers, and try a range of great activities.


Roll On Skate Park Series

A series of free clinics, competitions, and other skate park events for skateboard, scooter, and BMX riders.

When: Various dates


King of the Hill Series

The annual regional Skateboard and Scooter Comp Series held across 3 local governments in the south east corridor, to become ‘King of the Hill’.

When: March 2020


Skate Park Advisory Group (SPAG)

The Skate Park Advisory Group (SPAG) is a group of young people who have shown leadership and positive influence around the skate parks and amongst their peers.

When: Monthly meetings

Where: The Shack Youth Space, 101 Ashburton Drive, Gosnells